1. Please submit your proposal for a talk above.
  2. Save your images in JPEG format, “.jpg” …
  3. Please make your images 1024 x 768 pixels and keep them under 500 KB each.
  4. Label the images in order as follows:  YourName001.jpg, YourName002.jpg… through YourName019.jpg, YourName020.jpg. Note that the numbers are three digits, i.e. “001” not “1” or "01," so we will now send them back to you if you don’t follow that.
  5. Once you have them ready, put them in a .zip file and email them to us (do not embed them in the body of an email) at  25MBs is the max size this gmail account can receive, in case you are wondering.  We will confirm that we have received your email, so if you get nothing back, we do not have it.  Try to send them at least a week before the event… a month before is even better.

We put the slideshow together as far ahead as possible, so please email your images as soon as you can.  Let us know your presentation’s ETA.  Let us know your name and title (title = ice skater or Zamboni operator…) and your URL if you want a link from PKN-NHV’s webpage.